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Human Behavioural Evolution

Ecosystem is a term defined in biology as a unique system of an environment (Aquatic or Terrestrial) where the living components of that environment is influenced by it's non living component,and vice versa,in many cases also,the living components influences themselves in a variety of ways that ultimately shape their characteristics and survival instincts

As the definition of ecosystem stated earlier,Humans as well are majorly influenced by their non living surroundings,the people they see,live and interact with on a regular bases.Ecosystem simply examplifies what truely happens as humans grow from infants,to toddlers,to pupils,to teenagers,to young adults,and finally to adults.

Terrestrial Habitat

Aquatic Habitat

Main Sources of Influences(Living and Non Living)

I believe we all must have seen kids play games or imitate what they see adults do or what they see on t.v or what goes on in the streets where they live.These things they see help to shape their habits and most likely have a lasting impact on their behaviours as they grow older.lets take a typical urban neighborhood in a country like the USA where young adults tend to dress and speak in a certain way and most times curse or use vulgar language and almost certainly organise themselves in gang such scenarios battle for supremacy tends to play out within the gang members and outside of the group.Some of these occurrence sometimes are written as stories in novels and further more could be produced as a drama movie or thriller as the case may be.Now kids are very curious in nature and see these things if they live in such environments or if they happen to watch a movie depicting these life styles and general characteristics,as they grow up with time,they subcontiously begin to walk,talk and act just as they(kids) have witnessed in their environment or seen before in a movie which ultimately affects their habit,behaviours or life style which could get worse if they mix up with the wrong type of kids at school.

This is exactly how kids get influenced by their environment(i.e location/Neighborhood of residence)and their peers at school (i.e the type of kids they move with)This is very similar to what takes place in nature,where animals in their natural habitat have to adapt to that type of habitat for survival,so also kids subconciously behave the same way their peers in the same environment behave,and pick up their habits,Now this could go either way (positive or negative).My point exactly is for PARENTS to please bring up their kids in an environment where they can pick up good habits and develope good manners,to take time out of their busy schedule and pay attention to how their kids are growing up,to know and observe immediately when things are not right while the child is still at a very tender age and nip it in the bud at once, else they could subcontiously be grooming their kids for PENITENTIARY or TERTIARY institutions.Thank you.