"Lets redirect our future..."

Sneak peek from the past

My name is Emmanuel Terwase Deke, I hail from Benue state the middle belt of Nigeria in the west coast of Africa,but I grew up in lagos a major coastal state in Nigeria.I love Jesus, my family and humanity in a broader perspective.I thank God Almighty for my life and for the journey so far,I believe there is more because God is faithful to HIS word,I pray that God gives me the strenght and grace to keep my own side of the bargain,"Reference 2nd Chronicles chapter 7:14". to serve HIM with all of my heart, in spirit and in truth,I also believe in forgiveness of sins(my sins)so that I can make my life's journey a lot more fun,thus travel in a lighter mode.Jesus said,"learn from me,for I am humble of heart,For My yoke is easy and My burden is light" "Reference Matthew 11:29".Thank you Lord Jesus for teaching me everything that I will ever need in this journey called life.I pray for Your guidiance,sustainence and protection through out my life time Amen.


Primary Learning

Primary school learning is a very important stage of a child's learning because it is the formative years of that acts like the foundation on which a huge structure is to be built on,once this stage is layed correctly,then the other stages becomes much easier.I attended a military primary school back then in a small town called Apapa in Lagos State,which shares a boundary with a notorious town called Ajegunle,under Olodi Apapa Local Government Area,just separated by a canal. I was a lively little lad and somewhat quiet and shy as well, I met with other boys from similar background as I,and also boys from much worse background.I remember vividly that back then I was a bit of a rascal and reserved when I needed to be,only played with the kids that I was close to,I was really indifferent about the girls as well as the teachers,I only took a strange liking to the school head mistress,partly because she looked like an aunt of mine and partly because she stood for discipline and hardwork.I was not so brilliant but my interest began to rise in academics because I became friends with two other kids that were exceptionally brilliant,Initially I didn't care what my grades were,and I practically did not study at all. Back then in school,all I wanted was to play and do all sorts of mischief,but as I moved on to the next class, I began to realise what I was doing to myself subcontiously and how the other two brilliant kids were going to leave me and move on to the prestgious COMMAND SECONDARY SCHOOL,which was known to admit only the bests and ofcourse if your folks are wealthy,or a top military ranking officer,or have good connections in the corridors of power.That was a small turning point in my life,I loathed going to a public day high school and I really needed to be amongts the God would have it,I scaled through the final exams,and was amongst the short listed candidates,although I was in the LAST BARCH.In retrospect,I had subconsciously picked up two key things from my primary education,(INFLUENCE from PEOPLE and the ENVIRONMENT)

Secondary Learning

Secondary school learning is equally an important stage of a child's learning.At this stage,the thoughts,mannerism,habits,behaviour and character begins to form permanently which eventually becomes the personality and characteristics displays/exhibition of that child.I proceeded to a military secondary school called Command secondary school,Ipaja Lagos,where I began to experience life in a totally different environment away from my parents.Once in command, I spent the first night quiet and alone on the lower bed of a double "bonk" as it was fondly called.I recalled it was a cold black night,with lots of noise everywhere from obviously the senior students popularly called "stalites" back then.At first, I was not afraid,I was only shy and withdrawn obviously because I saw and met with new faces.With thoughts of my mum, dad and my home I fell asleep.Command was an exiting new "adventure". For me,the hostels,classrooms,dinning halls,offices and the administrative block were all interesting sites because I had not seen a thing or place like it before,it was located in a sub urban town in lagos surrounded by thick shrubs with short and tall trees giving it a somewhat national park scenario.I quickly learnt the norm in the boys hostel and then made some acquaintances from my dormitory mates as well as the "stalites".I was later introduced to a senior student who became my "school father"and swapped my dormitory for his,and began to feel more at ease when I re united with two of the boys who attended the same elementary school where I came from,I later met with two other guys with the same background as mine and we became bossom friends,all five of us. The influence I had from my primary background played a vital role to my survival recorded from Command.I further learnt the Good,the Bad,and the Ugly way of doing things and studying just to survive and to achieve great success. (Details are excluded from my sojourn back in Command),but because of the sort of friends I had in Command,most of my habits and character is what it is today.Thank God they were not entirely bad.

Tertiary Learning

Tertiary learning is like a cruising altitude in the life of a child which normally is affected by the type of foundation and influence either by environment or persons on that child.At this stage one sees the personality in total of a child and could tell if that child really got a "good start" in his/her life.Now this by no means implies that persons with good personalities all had a "good start" in their lives,but a reasonable percentage with good personalities were influenced either by environment or by associating with certain type of people.I initially gained admission into the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu,A city in south east Nigeria where I spent a year and half,after then I left without the completion of my diploma programme.I was offered provisional admission into The Federal University of Technology Akure,A state in south west Nigeria,this prompted my leaving Enugu partly because I had alot of issues with my academic results which were either incomplete or simply missing,and partly because I needed a new start desperately.Although I really enjoyed Enugu while I was there,I attended social gatherings and had partied one time too many that I began to loose concentration and ended up with "people I had no business meeting with as a student",comming out of my shell gradually, I started exhibiting habits that normally I wouldn't.This was INFLUENCE BY ASSOCIATION.In FUTA, it was a different ball game entirely, I admired FUTA because it was calm and a it's environs were serene,unlike Enugu.I immediately acclamatised to the environment and because I had prior campus experience,I didn't bother with any social gathering by students,I simply relaxed more and had just two friends.My academics record kickedoff somewhat poorly not because I didn't study hard, apparently my weakness in courses where I recorded low grades were brought to the fore.This weakness started far back in Command when they were refered to as subjects,but I was challenged and became DETERMINED to right the wrongs i "imbibed" in Enugu. go back to top