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Services such as tips for success in Examination, Motivational speeches, Career talk,Healthy living/life style,Auto scanning and Pharmaceutical services etc are some of the services that are rendered.As we all grow and make progress in life,our needs changes and they also vary from individual to individual.Some of us need good advice but cant get any,worse still seek it from the wrong source or person who could eventually use it for ulterior motives.It is important to seek advice from proffessionals who can be trusted based on their track records.But the problem is many of our teens are too shy and or scared to open up to someone they dont really know or are not comfortable with.Here in Dektinary you need not come to us personally,

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Important issues bothering our kids as they grow older and when they are in their teens such as career choices,examination success tips,and information that could inspire/motivate are also available and accessible on request.Also,the need to discern between a fantasy and reality life style and latest fashion and sporting news can be viewed latest on sports/news

It is also important to note that good advice and services are not easy to come by,here in Dektinary we guarantee positive impact/outcome for any of our clients that seeks out our services and take the time to apply our advices and encouragements in their lives and are willing to have a change of heart,we only share your Enthusiasm and Passion,God Almighty restores...

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Phamarceutical services/Advice..

Drugs has been a very big part of our society today and needs deligent attention especially while growing up.Just like explicitely stated,

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The need for our children to be weary of the sort of friends they keep can not be over emphasized.The use and abuse of drugs amongst our teenagers and youth is quite rampant these days which adversely affects their later lives,but a good advice and or directive from a proffessional can go a long way in guiding our kids on drug abuse.Just as it was stated in our ecosystem page,bad habits could be picked up from anywhere.The worse kind of bad habit that could be picked up are the drug related habits,unfortunately illicite drugs such as Marijuana,Codein,Tobacco,Tramadol etc just to mention but afew are easily accessed especially in ghettos or what western worlds call the bronx or project blocks,hence the need for a decent environment where kids can be well nutured also can not be over emphasized.We provide good advice to youths on any drug related issues be it a genuine drug need or a case of an addict who needs special care and service on their way to recovery

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Telecommunication Services/Advice

Telecommunication is a vital aspect of our everyday lives,thank God for the knowledge and wisdom HE has bestowed on mankind,the key thing is the ability to think and put that knowledge to good use.Almost every young adult and atimes kids make use of a phone,but it is imperative to develop a good phone habit,to know how to manage the resources invested into telecomms.Otherwise it could become a source of distraction and can cause parents untold heart ache.

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The act of communicating,be it talking,gesticulating,making a sign or listening are all forms of relating to one another.The term customer relations is often used for the sake of the sort of business on ground and often times loosely too.The fact that one has a flourishing business with huge customer base or a small business with a small customer base who are familiar with the services provided doesn't imply that customers should be disregarded

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