"Lets redirect our future..."

Brief Intro on Dektinary

Dektinary is a site that was created just to give an indept insight or information to our teenagers and youths on how to quickly and successfully adapt in their environment where ever they are, and to mentally get the best growing up in what ever kind of environment they find themselves, which can influence them positively or negatively,the aim is to make kids growing up in the hinterlands or ghetto project buildings not to just give up on their dreams and see life as unfair,but to make the best use of what they can learn from their seemingly uninspiring surroundings and become the best they can be in whatever they choose to become in life...

Young Adults having great fun on a beautiful plateau.

Photo section showing a drug free and happy youths

Brief heads up...

It is imperative for parents to take good care of their kids as they grow older,this can not be over emphasized because God in HIS infinite wisdom has given us roles to play,so there is that NEED to OBEY God's WORD and place our priorities right.To our youths,know one thing that there are consequences to every thing you do,even if it is done in secret,it all eventually comes out.

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